Growing up in the exotic climates of Abu Dhabi, UAE, I would have never dreamed about becoming a jewelry designer in California. As a mother of 3 and a caring wife, it all began when my late grandmothers favorite necklace broke.

Frustrated, I went from jeweler to jeweler to find a crafty pair of hands to fix my grandmothers beloved necklace. Time and time again, it would continue to break. That's when I took it into my own hands, and used my curiosity and grandmothers motivation to fix the piece myself.

From that day forth, I continued to expand my knowledge and skill and was never afraid to take artistic risks within my pieces. I found new ways to intertwine my knowledge of craft and my new love for jewelry making, while still playing the strong role of a caretaker to all my family.

I'm a mother, a wife and a sister. My name is Maha Halik Haralambous, and I will continue to strive!

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